Beylor Stonebreaker

A mighty paladin that fights for Justice!


Dwarf Paladin

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 4"9"
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Facial Features:
    • Brown eyes
    • Brown short hair
    • Long brown beard with braids in front.

I was born in the Dwarven city of Earthfast, located in the Earthfast Mountains near the Implitur region. My kin come from the long established Stonebreaker clan of miners that have been working the Earth mountains for centuries. That may have been what I was born to do, but that’s not what destiny chose me to do.

I was around 10 years of age when the “Siege of Death” took place. Shortly after dusk one fall evening the citywatch started sounding the alarm, and before anyone had time to react a wave of undead came storming at the city walls. The citywatch did what they could, but they couldn’t hold off the undead and they stormed through the front gates like a flood of water crashing through a damn. They began attacking and overpowering cityfolk, and everyone started scattering in fear myself included.

As I ran inside the mountain, I found myself in a dead end hall. I crouched in the corner shuddering as 2 rotting corpses started to come down on me. Right as they reached me, I saw the brightest light from behind them…there was yelling (something like a mix of a battlecry and a prayer) right before a large silver and gold hammer came down and smashed them into oblivion. Standing above me now was a large human man with his hand extended to me. He was clad in elegant armor, and told me “All will be well”.
He helped me up and took me to a sheltered area where I would find my parents, and then he disappeared again into the chaos outside the mountain.

The next morning, we emerged from the barricaded mountain mines to evaluate the aftermath. There were bodies both dwarven and undead all over between the mountain and the city walls.
Everyone gathered in the city center and standing in the pavilion was the human from the night before and several other encased in armor like his. He revealed himself to be Theodore Stormcloak. He was the leader of a group of paladins called the “Judge’s Ten” from Ilmwatch. They were members of The Knights of the Merciful Sword, an Order of Tyr. He told the town they had been tracking a necromancer that had been raiding cities and towns all across The Vast region by resurrecting their dead to aid him in ransacking the city. They tracked him to Earthfast last night. Though they were unable to catch him before the chaos began, they did manage to eliminate him during the chaos.

That was the day I knew what I was destined to do.
I spent the next 10 years devoting myself to everything I could about Tyr and the paladin orders.
At 20, I ventured to Ilmwatch to pledge my services to The Knights of the Merciful Sword.
That brings us to now, 25 years later. I have completed all my training and education. I feel Tyr has determined I am ready to go forth and bring Justice to a world that needs it.

The Order has dispatched me to the east, a city called Immilmar where there have been reports of attacks on the city. Upon my arrival, I learn of a guild in need of capable bodies after most were killed in a red wizard attack. I applied to join the guild, as I am in need of coin to sustain food and shelter, the guild is in need of a capable dwarf, and there is plenty of justice that needs delivered in the name of Tyr.

Beylor Stonebreaker

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