The new campaign!

Session 3: May 9, 2015

Performed to Counting Crows, Anna Begins

Egan assures us “it’s all unnatural”
We are not worried- We are not overly concerned
Egan implores us “just fix it for us
we will reward you.” We are not not worried
“Go down to the sailors on the dock
Grab a boat, and sail out to the barge”
We are not worried – We are not overly concerned
with the things Egan tells us
Sailors try to scare us
Drop us off and leave us
It does not bother us to stay and check the ship
We climb aboard to scout it
we find some webs, then the spiders fall upon us
but, I’m sure there’s something we can do
something we can say
and we can always change our plans
The spiders bite us, and try to kill us
But we are not worried
We are not overly concerned
We try to tell ourselves the things we try tell ourselves to make
ourselves fight on
to make ourselves fight on
We are not worried
“If this is death, we have to rescue our brethen”
Oh Sparklegem, she perishes
This time when spiders falls like rain
They’re keeping us away
from what we know not
The Ettercaps hold sway
They’re trapping us with webs
We stumble to get away
We’re not ready for this sort of thing

Session 2: March 28, 2015
"I'm gonna justice all over the place"

Sung to: Life in a Northern Town

The rain fell day after day
We were stuck inside and crazed
And the pouring lasted all day, all day
Then for a walk through the town
Went Baylor and Edward and Skarr
Found Wade dead in the rain, oh

Ah hey ma ma mommy doo-din-nie-ya
Ah hey ma ma ma hey-y-yah
Life in Immilmar town
Ah hey ma ma ma ma

The note Wade clutched to his rest
Led us to Riley’s rest
Where the mud had fallen away
And skeletons did all play
We fought them as hard as we could
Made it out with our livelihood
And headed back to the Guild, the Guild

Yeah, yeah
Ah hey ma ma mommy doo-din-nie-ya
Ah hey ma ma ma hey-y-yah
Life in Immilmar town

Episode 1: February 28, 2015
You don't know shit about the forest.

Performed to: Whitesnake/Here I Go Again

We’re just at the guild all chillin’
A boy from McDonald’s farm comes in
With tales of kobolds threatening cows again
An’ we’ve made up our minds, We ain’t wasting no more time
Here we go again, here we go again

Tho’ we keep searching for adventure
Sometimes town is where it’s at
Protecting food and guild members
’Cause we know what it means to want the streets to all be free

Here we go again on our own
Headin out of town McDonald’s farm and home
To fight kobolds and protect the cows that roam
We’ve made up our minds, to fight for fortunes of our own

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