The world is Faerun (of the Forgotten Realms setting). As there are several different versions of Faerun maps (pre / post cataclysm, pre / post trouble times, etc), here is the one we will use for our campaign.


We’ll be starting in the region known as Rashemen in the far northeast. The campaign will start in the city of Immilmar. Here is a Forgotten Realms wiki that can give a lot of background for getting a feel for the setting and inspiration for back stories.


To tie everything together and make sense of all of us being in the adventurer’s guild, the current leader of the adventurer’s guild is Finigan Oakheart. A human male Ranger standing just over six foot tall. Finigan took over leadership of the guild at the request of the remaining members after the majority of the guild, including Finigan’s elven wife Talea, were killed repelling an attempted invasion of Red Wizards out of Thay.

Most of the experienced member’s of the guild are on long term assignment patrolling the border’s of Thay for the current ruler of Rashemen while she rebuilds the militia. This has left a void in the local membership’s ability to take on the odd jobs the city has come to count on them for. So, Finigan has been out recruiting new possible talent. He cares not for racial politics and makes no excuses for what he deems to be talent. It’s a good thing too, because we are one motley bunch of lost souls.

We operate in a timeline where the time of trouble is a thousand years past, but the Spell Plague and the Sundering never came to pass. Bards tell old tales of threats that seem like they could have lead to those types of events, but those threats were successfully thwarted by adventurers long dead.

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