The new campaign!

Episode 1: February 28, 2015

You don't know shit about the forest.

Performed to: Whitesnake/Here I Go Again

We’re just at the guild all chillin’
A boy from McDonald’s farm comes in
With tales of kobolds threatening cows again
An’ we’ve made up our minds, We ain’t wasting no more time
Here we go again, here we go again

Tho’ we keep searching for adventure
Sometimes town is where it’s at
Protecting food and guild members
’Cause we know what it means to want the streets to all be free

Here we go again on our own
Headin out of town McDonald’s farm and home
To fight kobolds and protect the cows that roam
We’ve made up our minds, to fight for fortunes of our own


wjcameron Fluffykira

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